Everyday Elegance

Fall 2019 Lookbook

This fall we wanted to focus on the imperfect. The simplicity. The Everyday Elegance. Our founder, Aishwarya, visited the kitchens of four incredible women to experience their simple, everyday moments. We cooked, laughed, and celebrated the creativity, purity, and imperfections that make the kitchen so intimate and special. Enjoy a peak into the happiness and chaos that we absolutely loved to celebrate. Here's to living in a golden state. 


Michelle appreciates the beauty of a simple snack of steamed artichokes and AWAKE, surrounded by cozy pillows and throws in her living room.


Rebecca crafts a hearty, nourishing bowl for late afternoon, with dandelion greens, rainbow carrots, AWAKE and parmigiano reggiano. 

ALIVE, for verve and vibrancy

“With you, I am home”

- Unknown

Cosimo enjoys pureed zucchini and ALIVE for 4 pm dinner. 

Sumo eagerly waits for breakfast: fruit, greek yogurt, ALIVE

Ali and Ray on Friday morning: coffee, tomato toast, chopped apples,  ALIVE.

This fall, we are celebrating Everyday Elegance — as a reminder, to each and every one of us, to savor the little things. The moments in-between. The casual.  The wonderfulness of real-life living. The mundane. The perfectly imperfect. The quiet, soulful moments that make the kitchen so intimate and special. We visited the homes of four marvelous creatives in Los Angeles and captured glimpses of their simple, everyday moments.

ALIVE, for verve and vibrancy…and for fruit, greek yogurt and tomato toast at breakfast at Ali’s.  

Michelle splashes ALIVE for the perfect garlic and lemon dip to compliment steamed artichokes on a Saturday afternoon. 

Zarna enjoys a decadent olive oil cake made with AWAKE, berries, a crisp glass of rosé.

"It is important to me to be mindful as I cook, to feel gratitude for the fresh bounty and to remember those who planted the seeds and harvested the plants."

- Rebecca

“Each moment is all we need, not more.” - Unknown

Here’s to living in a golden state. 


Photographer: Julia Stotz

Food Stylist: Maya Bookbinder 


Ali Heiss: Ali is a jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and co-owner of LA-based sister jewelry brands, Amarilo and Haati Chai

Ray Ting: Ray is cofounder of Amnesia Media, a cannabis adtech company.  

Sumo: Sumo is a rescue pup who loves eating ice, being the boss, and being a social dogfluencer full time. 

Zarna Surti: Zarna is the Global Editorial Director at Nike Women, and Founder of Tonal Journal, a print publication that spotlights strength, ambition and beauty in women of color.

Michelle Toney: Michelle is the co-founder of Morrow Soft Goods, a specialty textiles company based in Los Angeles.

Cosimo Toney: Cosimo is a sweet and spunky ten month old who is very food motivated.

Rebecca Foster: Rebecca lives in Santa Monica and in her free time enjoys her mindful meditation practice and spending time with her thee adult daughters and her three grandchildren.